Our Three Goals for Excellent Smile Design

  1. two people with unique smiles

Like a fingerprint, every smile is unique. Drs. Michael and Jeremy Frith respect both beauty and individuality. When creating a treatment plan for a cosmetic dentistry patient, their goals are multifaceted. Smile design is the process of creating an esthetic-focused dental treatment plan. For an excellent smile design plan, you need a dentist who can perform a wide range of dental procedures.

Drs. Frith, both Mike and Jeremy, have studied and regularly practice many different procedures. When planning your smile design, they pull from their individual expertise, but also from one another’s.

Our Goals with Smile Design

Ask a dentist what his or her goals are when designing a cosmetic dentistry treatment plan, and you’ll likely hear varied answers. At Masterpiece Smiles, our goals can be defined quite simply.

One, exceed your expectations.

You are unique. How you feel about dental visits, your oral health and medical histories, and your budget is different than others’. With decades of experience treating patients of all ages, Dr. Mike and Dr. Jeremy have designed a patient experience that will cater to your desires and address all of your concerns.

One or more of these points may pertain to you:

  • I need prompt treatment/short treatment time/few visits.
  • Make me feel comfortable because I dislike dental visits.
  • Give me a smile that will last for a long time.
  • Correct bite issues, so my smile looks and feels great.
  • Build a better smile, at a price I can afford.
  • I want options, not just a cookie-cutter smile design.

Just read a few of our patient testimonials, and you’ll learn that we make our patients happy on every level.

Two, address underlying dental issues so that your new smile is designed to last.

An unbalanced bite can wreak havoc on teeth, causing chips, breaks, sensitivity, and TMJ pain. Poorly fitted prosthetics can be hugely uncomfortable. Rushing through treatment and cutting corners often leads to the need for re-doing dental work.

Rest assured, Dr. Frith will comprehensively assess your dental health before developing your smile design plan. There’ll be no disharmony in your new smile, no rushing during treatments.

We will take x-rays, talk with you, and assess for occlusal and health issues. Based on the facts and your preferences, Dr. Frith will develop a treatment plan to build your new smile. Issues that have caused dental problems will be addressed, so those problems don’t resurface. This approach is best for your health, as well as your budget.

Three, use a reliable, proven dental lab for your restorations and prosthetics.

While you don’t necessarily need a Beverly Hills dental lab, you do need high-quality materials, modern design techniques, and experienced technicians fabricating your dental work. Some procedures, like fillings and bonding, allow the dentist to apply materials directly to a tooth. Crowns, bridges, and dentures are indirect, meaning they’re made in a dental lab beforehand.  We do not outsource to labs in other countries, where standards may not align with US regulations.

Having been in business for decades, Dr. Frith values the importance of developing a great relationship with a reputable, proven dental lab. Our lab adheres strictly to Dr. Frith’s smile design plans. As our patient, you will receive US-made restorations and prosthetics, fabricated with durable, esthetic materials designed to endure daily use for years.

Call for unique smile design today, and you’ll love your smile!

A well-rounded smile design plan may include both cosmetic and restorative procedures. Using state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Mike or Jeremy Frith will create a treatment plan that works for your goals, time, budget, and overall health. Call us today at 636.394.5200 in Ellisville, near St. Louis, MO, to schedule a consultation.




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