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Meet Dr. Frith

St. Louis’ Leader in Accredited Cosmetic Dentistry

FRITH2_dentistWhat I Believe…
Being St. Louis’ first accredited cosmetic dentist give patients confidence. Accredidation by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry sets the highest standard in cosmetic dentistry. Patients feel comfortable knowing their dentist has achieved excellence in virtually every type of cosmetic case. Less than 1% of dentists nationwide can offer that.”

Accredidation allows a good cosmetic dentist to become a great one. The Process has taught me to create smiles that are both attractive and natural looking. I understand the many elements that make up a great smile and how to put them together to create a masterpiece.”

Patients should be a part of custom creating their new look. We are all part of a team and we work together, using smile design pictures and patient’s own computer image to come up with a plan for the new smile that they’ve always wanted, the one that fits them best.”

I enjoy hearing patients say I’ve not only improved their smiles, I’ve changed their lives.
“A smile is a reflection of who you are. Improving it often means a better self image, even the confidence to become more successful – in your career or in your personal life.”
                                                                  – Dr. Mike Frith