What can a full-service dentist do?

  1. What can a full-service St. Louis MO dentist do?

Some days, you probably join the ranks of the 33 percent of Americans who say they don’t have enough time in their day to get things done. Whether you’re commuting to and from work, or just running home to let the dog out, no matter what occupies your time, you probably appreciate “one-stop shops” that can help you get several things done from one location — especially when it means a few more minutes are given back to your day! When it comes to choosing a dental health provider, choosing a full-service dentist in St. Louis, MO, can also save you time; our team at Masterpiece Smiles treats a wide range of oral health issues, which means less time searching for specialists when life happens. Whether you require cosmetic, restorative, or preventive services, or even struggle with sleep apnea or TMJ disorders, Drs. Mike and Jeremy Frith can help you achieve better oral health from one convenient location.

Looking for a full-service dentist in St. Louis, MO? At Masterpiece Smiles, we offer a range of services, but excel in offering a high-level of care in each area. We are proud to say Dr. Mike Frith was St. Louis’ first accredited cosmetic dentist and first accredited diplomate in sleep and TMJ therapy. Choose the oral health experts for you and your family’s smiles! Call us today at 636.394.5200.

Full-Service Care for St. Louis Patients

Drs. Mike and Jeremy Frith practice functional dentistry, and believe that treating the origins of health issues is more important than addressing secondary symptoms as they arise. This means that our doctors will carefully examine your current oral health, discuss any symptoms you may be experiencing, talk about your smile “goals”, and learn more about your unique lifestyle to better understand the best approach for treating the source of your oral health issues. This functional dentistry approach means that we offer a range of services in order to help our patients with whatever may be causing their discomfort, fatigue, sensitive teeth, bad breath, or more.

Our Services

We understand that many patients face anxiety or fear when seeing the dentist. Building a relationship with a general dentist through regular appointments can help to relieve anxiety. However, some general dentists may not offer a range of services, which means patients have to see new practitioners for specialized care. This can trigger more distress in an unfamiliar environment, with new doctors and staff. We prioritize patient comfort, and know that the doctor-patient relationship is an important part of every patient’s experience. At Masterpiece Smiles, you can rest easy knowing that Dr. Mike or Dr. Jeremy Frith, who you know and trust, will be able to offer you care for a variety of services, including:

Cosmetic Dentistry: services to enhance the aesthetics of your smile, including: teeth whitening, orthodontics, laser gum recontouring, dental bonding, veneers, complete smile makeovers, and more.

Family Dentistry: preventive and restorative care for the health and functionality of your smile, including: comprehensive oral exams and dental cleanings, children’s dentistry, metal-free fillings, root canal treatment, oral cancer screenings, and more.

TMJ and Sleep Dentistry: services to enhance a healthy, restful, and safe night’s sleep, and to relieve TMJ disorder symptoms for both adults and children.

Searching for a dentist in St. Louis, MO?

Our range of services allows us to help St. Louis patients with unique oral health issues and smile goals, and we take our patients’ word that our practice has helped improve not just smiles, but lives! For more information on scheduling your consultation, to meet Drs. Mike or Jeremy Frith, contact us online.

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Mike Frith

Being St. Louis’s leader in accredited cosmetic dentistry gives patients confidence. Accreditation by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry sets the very highest standard in cosmetic dentistry. Patients feel comfortable knowing their dentist has achieved excellence in virtually every type of cosmetic case. Less than 1% of dentist nationwide can offer that. St. Louis’ first Diplomate in craniofacial pain and Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine gives patients solutions for a new beginning. With proper evaluation and diagnosis, the conditions of Craniofacial pain, sleep apnea and snoring can be successfully treated with non-surgical therapies. It’s my goal to return patients back to where they can breathe, sleep, heal and live again.