• Betty

  • I never smiled with my teeth showing – I was never comfortable with that because they were short and discolored. In fact, in a lot of my photos, my hand is in front of my mouth.

    Dr Frith said that he and his team pray every morning. I found that very comforting. He goes beyond the general expectations of a dentist. Every aspect of my experience was comfortable. When he suggested upper and lower veneers, back of teeth bleaching and gum-line sculpting, I felt confident he would do a great job.

    I work all over the world giving presentations to clients and now I am focused on what I am presenting and not people staring at my teeth. I can get in front of people and feel confident to speak and smile. I have received a positive reaction from friends – they say that I have always had a bubbly personality but now it really comes through.

  • Betty_before_dentist