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One of the first aesthetic features that people notice about you is your smile. When meeting new people or speaking to a group of friends, we want our smile to reflect our personality. When our smile does not live up to our anticipation, it has the tendency to provide the wrong impression to new people that we are meeting. With the help of a cosmetic dentist, people have the ability to smile without worrying about any dental imperfections be it a minor discoloration to a major defect.

It is common knowledge that people all over the world suffer from insecurities. Having insecurities has a drastic toll on our mental health and so in return, we tend to struggle with regular everyday activities as we are afraid of being embarrassed. For example, if you have insecurities about your weight you may be afraid to wear certain clothes. The only difference is those who have weight issues can purchase larger clothes to fit into but what about those who have imperfections on their teeth?

As time has progressed and technology has advanced, cosmetic dentistry has as well. There are a variety of different procedures that can be accomplished within a few visits to the dentist and they will provide you with such an impact in your daily life that it will be unbelievable. Your opinion about yourself will go from 0 to 10 with the procedures that can help you to perfect your smile.

Not only do dental imperfections affect our mental health but they can also affect our general health. For example, if you have a broken or chipped tooth it can cause your tongue to get sores from rubbing it or sensitivity to cold. Another example would be cavities. If a person does not visit the dentist to have their cavities filled, there is a large possibility that the tooth will rot to the nerve and it will cause an abundance of pain.

Considering that there are many ways for you to improve your smile, your local cosmetic dentist will be able to determine what the best plan of action and thus, the best cosmetic denture, can be. With the ability to improve your smile you will have the ability to increase your confidence and your overall outlook on life.

There are many options to choose from to beautify your smile; our award-winning dentist, Dr. Michael Frith can recommend a custom treatment to help you achieve your desired look. The most common and simple procedures to enhance teeth are whitening procedures bonded white fillings to repair a slight chip or gap. Crowns, implants, braces, and cosmetic dentures are more lengthy procedures that patients with more extensive defects may choose to give them more confidence with their overall appearance.

To see which procedure best suits your needs; give us a call today to set up a no-obligation consultation with Dr. Frith, St. Louis First Accredited Cosmetic Dentist.

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