Metal-Free Fillings

At Masterpiece Smiles, our dental experts cater to your unique smile needs. If you are searching for metal-free fillings in St. Louis, Missouri we can help. Not only do we provide metal-free fillings but also metal-free crowns. Do you want your fillings to look and feel natural? Our trained staff knows that a natural-looking smile is a happy smile.

What are Metal-Free Fillings?

Metal-free fillings (also known as composite resin fillings) are the same color as your natural teeth, so unlike metal, they blend in with your other teeth. They fill in areas damaged by decay and sustain tooth structure strength.

Why Choose Metal-Free Fillings?

Metal materials like black amalgam are often made with mercury or a mercury substitute. Both metal materials are toxic. The material doesn’t fuse well with the tooth structure, so broken or damaged teeth often decay under metal fillings. Here are some main ways metal-free fillings appeal to people more than metal-laden fillings:

* Unlike metal fillings, composite resin does not release electrical currents that can be harmful to your health.

* Some people are allergic to metal products. Metal in the mouth can cause dangerous reactions like swelling.

* Metal fillings expand and contract when in contact affected by cold or hot elements like food or temperature, leading to severe tooth damage.

* Decaying bacteria have been known to find their way under metal fillings.

* Metal-free fillings overall feel and look more natural.

* Unlike metal, composite resin fits well, ensuring decay stays away

Prep for Metal-Free Fillings

Fillings are used to prevent further decay from breaking or compromising the integrity of your teeth. How does the procedure work? Below is a summary of what you may experience during the filling procedure:

1. Removal of the decayed area occurs.

2. Next, a gel is applied to the affected tooth, and a bonding agent is used to ensure the composite resin (metal-free filling) clings firmly to the tooth.

3. The dental expert now uses their expertise to add resin, cure it, sculpt it, and polish each layer to produce a tooth that looks natural and beautiful.

We Provide Trusted Results

After receiving your metal-free filling, you’ll have a smile that looks and feels complete. Our Masterpiece Smiles staff cares about your concerns regarding your smile’s appearance and your overall health. If you want to strengthen your teeth and ensure your smile beams with a natural appeal, contact us today.

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