Preventative dental care protects teeth from incurring debilitating damage. If you are seeking a trusted dental facility that applies dental sealants in St. Louis, our Masterpiece Smiles dental experts can help. Using sealants and other trusted dental procedures, we apply precision and individualized care to your smile’s unique needs. Do you feel your teeth need some extra protection? Sealants address the possibility of getting tooth decay in the future.

What are Sealants?

Sealants are made from plastic material that is placed on the areas of the tooth most vulnerable to decay. Dental sealants shield against acids or other harmful matter like bacteria. Permanent back teeth like premolars and molars usually receive sealant because these areas hide plaque and are harder to reach. Dental sealants block plaque and bacteria. Children and adolescents benefit specifically from early applications of sealant. From age 6 (when first molars fully emerge from the gum) to age 12, (when second molars emerge) these are the best times to apply preventative sealant.

Why are Sealants Important?

Cavities cower in grooved areas. Pitted parts of your unique teeth are a haven for damaging enamel bacteria. Sealants give your teeth a chance to defend against decay. The earlier you receive sealant, the better it is for your teeth. Unique teeth with varying shapes or grooves require extra attention. At Masterpiece Smiles, we understand that individualized care keeps your grin healthy.

How to Prepare for Sealants Treatment

Preparing for sealants treatment is a simple matter of trusting your dental professional. They ready your teeth for sealant application by preparing your teeth to receive the sealant. By etching areas in your teeth, rinsing, and drying, dental professionals ensure your teeth are ready to accept the sealant. After applying the sealant, a special dental light is used to harden the sealant. This finishes the process.


When you or your child(ren) receive sealant, an effective barrier is erected to safeguard your smile. By utilizing the benefits of sealant, you can have life-changing results. The life of your smile deserves preserving. Sealants provide another layer of protection that will keep your grin beaming for years to come.

If you want to minimize the likelihood of cavities or wear forming on your healthy teeth, Masterpiece Smiles is there for you! Our Missouri patients receive quality preventative care from smile experts. Schedule an appointment or visit our website today to find out how our staff can bring you the protection your teeth need to function and thrive.

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