Clear Aligners Expansion


We use a technique to use clear aligners, like Invisalign in Ellisville, to help straighten the teeth, "even" crowded teeth without shaving, removing teeth, or making the teeth ore narrow. Our goal is to expand the jaw so teeth are able to be straight without removing teeth or making teeth smaller. One of the main reasons for this technique is to help give the tongue more room and improve the airway. A restricted airway and limited room for the tongue often result in many other health related diseases and health concerns, such as: TMJ/TMD, Sleep apnea, snoring, allergies/sinus issues, speech issues, lisping, mumbling , unclear speaking, mouth breathing, headaches, asthma, dark circles under the eye, day time sleepiness, etc.

Improving the airway often can significantly improve these symptoms or potentially eliminate them, by addressing the underlying cause. It can also improve quality of life. This technique can be used for kids and adults.


With this technique, we use clear aligners. We also use other devices and techniques to assist the aligners to help the teeth move better, stimulating the teeth and bone to move & grow the jaws so there is more room for the teeth, tongue & airway.

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