Throughout the body, small folds of tissue attach one organ to another to prevent the organ from moving too far. Sometimes these folds – called frenulum – actually restrict organ movement. In the case of tongue-tie, this restriction of movement, if left untreated, can change a child’s growth and development. And cause a host of health issues as they get older. You can read more about tongue-tie symptoms in young children and treatment here

Tongue Frenulum

For older children and adults, the tongue frenulum can restrict the range of movement of your neck, shoulders, jaw joint, and so on – for some people right down to their feet. While it may have not been severe enough to affect growth and development, it can create long term stiffness, joint pain, and decreased quality of life – not to mention years of misdiagnosed issues until a dentist notices that tethered tissues have caused recession on your lower front teeth.

Lip Frenulum

If the tissue between your upper lip and gums is tethered, this can cause a gap between your two top front teeth (diastema). This happens when the tissue is so long or wide that instead of attaching at the front of your gums, it extends past where your teeth are meant to touch and onto the roof of your mouth.


At Masterpiece Smiles, we use a laser to release this tethered tissue. It is a simple procedure that will give you the benefit of improved oral health while also promoting healthy, beautiful smiles for life. For best results, we always recommend tongue and lip exercises (myofunctional therapy) before and after treatment.

Myofunctional Therapy

Fully customized to your unique needs, myofunctional therapy teaches you to use your tongue and lips differently to prepare for, and recover from, a frenectomy. After the procedure, you will be training your muscles and tissues to move in a manner they are not accustomed to – and this is vital to for the optimal release and range of movement. It also prevents the tissues from growing together again.


Complications from a frenectomy are rare but can occur. These include excessive bleeding or infection, scarring, damage to the tongue or lips, or permanent numbness, however Dr. Jeremy Frith has reversed permanent numbness with Prolozone on himself and others. To help prevent complications, be sure to follow all pre- and post-operative care instructions from our team and contact us immediately if you have any concerns or unusual symptoms after the procedure.

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