Comprehensive Oral Exams

In St. Louis, quality dental professionals can be hard to find. Look no longer! At Masterpiece Smiles, our St. Louis dental facility, we strive to refresh your smile and jumpstart your journey towards a healthier grin. By offering comprehensive oral examinations by qualified dental experts, we can give our patients the tools and know-how to bring a self-assured sparkle to their smile.

Why Comprehensive Oral Exams Are Important

Do you ever wonder about the “why’s” behind scheduling an oral examination? Below are a few of the reasons dental care specialists emphasize the need for comprehensive oral exams:

  • Exams are necessary to formulate and begin a thorough treatment plan for your teeth.
  • They allow dental specialists to perform in-depth analysis that is uniquely customized to your smile.
  • Oral professionals can utilize the appointment as an opportunity to give you welcome tips on caring for your overall teeth health.
  • The process is an alert system of sorts. It can detect problems early to prevent or treat tooth loss.
  • Comprehensive oral exams can preserve your unique smile for years to come.
  • How to Prepare for a Comprehensive Oral Exam

When preparing for an oral exam, it’s all about the questions you ask. Asking yourself simple inquiries like “Is the location convenient for my needs?” or, “Are they covered under my health plan?” can help prep you for the unknowns. Understanding the numbers may keep you centered and ready for the next step towards a healthy mouth.

What Does a Comprehensive Oral Exam Involve?

Here are some things to expect at an oral examination:

1. A question session/review of your health history. This allows the dentist to determine what special care you may need. If you have had negative reactions to local anesthesia in the past, this session is perfect for you.

2. A thorough visual examination of your teeth performed manually by the dental professional. Using special instruments to determine the overall health, strength or weakness of your gums, teeth, or bite, the dentist can begin to formulate conclusive treatment options.

3. X-rays achieve a clearer impression of the state of your teeth. These technological tools are used to delve into the finer details unique to your smile.

4. Concluding your appointment, your dental hygienist will determine and outline a plan to address any immediate or future concerns.


When you undergo a comprehensive oral exam, our Masterpiece Smiles dentist’s implement ideal treatments to get your smile back on track. We take into account your grin from every angle and create a workable plan that suits your individual needs. Contact us today and let us help you plan for a brighter, healthier smile!

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