Biostimulation / Photobiomodulation / LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy)


Courtesy of Fotona

Benefits of Biostimulation

When lasers are used in this mode, they provide a soothing energy to the body.  With cold lasers, little to no warmth is felt.  The warm laser, a warm soothing energy is often felt and helps healing more deeply in the body than the cold laser.

Neither laser cut or remove tissue in this mode. Often, the benefits of pain relief are noticed immediately, and depending on the area, many times the pain can be nearly eliminated at that appointment.

It energizes and repairs the mitochondria (the powerhouse & healing part of the human cell) through increasing circulation, decreasing inflammation, enhancing the transportation of oxygen, increasing the cell’s ability to fight infection, and immune cell stimulation

Analgesia (pain relief)

Lymphatic Flow Stimulation- Many studies have shown reduced edema (fluid associated with inflammation) when biostimulation is used post-surgically or after an injury.

Myofascial Trigger Points- (Face Muscle Trigger points)

The laser can be used on Acupuncture points without using acupuncture needles.

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