Smile Gallery

Lisa's smile before Lisa's smile after
Lisa sitting on sofa reading a magazine and smiling


I wanted the perfect smile. I had a gummy smile so I usually kept my upper lip lowered to cover my gums. I was always trying to self-correct – I would not smile a big smile. I started noticing more and more how my smile was affecting my confidence.

Lumineers seemed like a good smile-perfecting solution. When I started looking for someone to place them, I discovered that Dr. Frith is the only accredited cosmetic dentist in St. Louis! Accreditation is tremendously important, but so is listening. It is an art; and Dr. Frith is an accomplished listener. He sculpted my gum line, whitened my teeth and gave me all porcelain fillings. I didn’t even need veneers! I felt safe and at ease the minute I walked in. All the equipment in the office is state-of-the-art and I felt no pain.

I get compliments on how I look younger and I enjoy social situations so much more. It has made a huge difference!

Betty's smile before Betty's smile after
Betty happily showing her beautiful smile


I never smiled with my teeth showing – I was never comfortable with that because they were short and discolored. In fact, in a lot of my photos, my hand is in front of my mouth.

Dr Frith said that he and his team pray every morning. I found that very comforting. He goes beyond the general expectations of a dentist. Every aspect of my experience was comfortable. When he suggested upper and lower veneers, back of teeth bleaching and gum-line sculpting, I felt confident he would do a great job.

I work all over the world giving presentations to clients and now I am focused on what I am presenting and not people staring at my teeth. I can get in front of people and feel confident to speak and smile. I have received a positive reaction from friends – they say that I have always had a bubbly personality but now it really comes through.

Sherry's smile before Sherry's smile after
Sherry with her dazzling smile


I had become ill and I was very sick. I had no immune system and all of my nutrients were going to my body. This caused my teeth to become extremely discolored. I always put my hand up if I laughed or smiled. Dr. Frith has a great reputation, and his certifications are impressive. Dr. Frith and his team are so loving, warm and very accepting. The team was great at explaining everything in detail.

Dr. Frith placed porcelain veneers, and now I am much more confident. I let the sparkle shine!

Don's smile before Don's smile after
Don leaning against a door smiling


Five or six years ago I began looking for a new dentist. I was not happy with my current one. My teeth were gray, yellow and terribly stained. I did not like to smile in pictures. Every time I thought about it, I realized I wanted a whiter brighter look. My wife was an extremely well satisfied patient of Dr. Frith and I had seen one of Dr. Frith’s ads, but before I even considered any work, I looked at some before and after photos and I asked for references. I was impressed with his experience, his previous work and his credentials. His staff is very friendly and accommodating, as well.

He placed top and bottom veneers to correct my discoloration and perfect my smile. Now I feel more at ease with my smile – I am simply more confident.

Jim's smile before Jim's smile after
Jim standing a smiling confidently


I had been going to Dr. Frith for 20 years and I decided it was finally time to get more work done. (I also had a lot of coaxing from my wife who works there.) Dr. Frith is a wonderful dentist. His primary focus is the patient relationship. He spends quality time with everyone. He is also up to date in the newest advances.

My teeth were crooked and I had a missing tooth, but I wanted to look more professional. We decided to use braces and an expander to widen my pallet. He then placed implants and whitened my teeth. I feel more confident and I receive a lot of compliments.

Joan's smile before Joan's smile after
Joan smiling with her beautiful smile


I started working for Dr. Frith in 1984 as a dental assistant. Over the years, I have come to know him very well as my dentist and my boss. I think very highly of his genuine care and compassion for his patients, including me, and his expertise in dentistry. When I was in the dental chair, he always gave me, his patient, his undivided time and attention. 

I wore braces as a teenager but because I did not wear my retainers, my teeth started crowding and moving forward. I also had a tongue thrust and TMJ problems, which was painful at times. I was self-conscious of my profile because my front teeth protruded forward. So, when my family and I moved back to St. Louis, we all decided to see Dr. Frith for orthodontics. I wore clear braces, which straightened my teeth, brought them back and placed my jaw in the correct position. After braces, Dr. Frith balanced my bite (equilibration) so now I have a stable, comfortable bite. Also, I had all my silver fillings changed to white fillings and then I bleached my teeth. 

I am extremely happy with my white, full smile and I get compliments all the time.

I am very pleased to be working with Dr. Frith and our team because we are all dedicated to providing the best dental care and to be attentive to our patient’s concerns and well-being.

Myrna's smile before Myrna's smile after
Myrna sitting at a table reading a magazine and showing her beautiful smile


I have been with Dr. Frith for almost 20 years. I was looking for a general dentist I could feel comfortable with. After my children left the house, I felt it was time to do something for myself. I work in a hospital and I have seen patients with partials that had to be taken out. All I thought about was someday being a patient myself and everyone would know I had a partial. My partial was discolored as well and that made me feel self-conscious. Dr. Frith discusses everything with you in detail. He is very meticulous in discussing every option, and that makes me feel comfortable. His training is impeccable, he is trustworthy and his financing options were great.

We decided that I should replace my partial with a porcelain bridge and I also had whitening done. It is absolutely the best investment I have ever made! My husband and children tell me how great I look.

Stephanie's smile before Stephanie's smile after
Stephanie showing her beautiful smile


A family friend recommended that I visit Dr. Frith because I had a significant gap and a gummy smile. I never fully smiled because of it. I was awkward and I was not outgoing. It was hard to meet new friends because I never smiled and I was shy.

Dr. Frith made me feel at ease right away. He cares about you as a person, not just your teeth. The doctor and his team act like real people. They are never harsh or judgmental. They are all just really good listeners, easy to talk to, and they give great feedback.
Dr. Frith started with orthodontics and a laser sculpting of my gum line. After treatment, he whitened my teeth. I am definitely more outgoing now and receive so many compliments. The first thing people see is my smile.

Terri's smile before Terri's smile after
Terri with her dazzling smile sitting on a chair


I had a big space in my teeth for years and years. I was extremely self-conscience, and never wanted to smile. I had gone to dentists for help but they all told me there was nothing they could do. All of them said that the gap was too wide and that my teeth would never stay together. Then on New Year’s Eve, 1990, my cousin told me about a doctor who had fixed his gap. (Front teeth gaps kind of run in my family.) I called Dr. Frith’s office immediately and scheduled a consultation. He said he could do it!

Dr Frith is very approachable and sympathetic to your problems. He is very personable and great to work with. I believe he cares about me as a person, not just about my teeth. After I saw his before and after photos, I knew he was a masterful dentist as well.

It is a great relief to be able to smile without worrying about it. I feel a lot better about myself – and about life!

Renee's smile before Renee's smile after
Renee with smiling beautifully


About five years ago, I had decided that I wanted to improve my smile and since I wasn’t happy with my dentist at that time, began researching other dentists in the area, specifically dentists with strong cosmetic experience. In addition to wanting to whiten my teeth, I wanted to explore a more permanent option for two bonded teeth that were starting to look gray, and to have some old silver fillings replaced with the newer white fillings. At the time that I met Dr. Frith and his team, I didn’t feel confident about my smile, so I tended to restrict smiling widely so that the silver fillings along the sides of my mouth wouldn’t be visible.

From the moment that I walked into Dr. Frith’s practice, I was completely comfortable and at ease with his skills and experience. He is very caring and genuine, so his approach instills immediate confidence. His work is technically precise and amazingly beautiful! Because of his attitude and leadership, his team is always consistent and absolutely the best! They always make you feel like family, as if you are the most important patient in the practice.

Dr. Frith initially whitened my teeth and replaced the most visible silver fillings. I was so pleased with the results that I followed Dr. Frith’s recommendations and replaced the bonded teeth with pure porcelain veneers and ultimately replaced the less visible silver fillings too. Now I feel completely confident with my smile and I enjoy the added bonus of many positive compliments on my beautiful natural smile.