Restorative Procedures

Are you looking for a way to preserve and protect your smile? At Masterpiece Smiles, we strive to improve your smile and keep you grinning for years to come! We aim to not only help you achieve healthy teeth but also to give you peace of mind.

What are Restorative Procedures?

Did you know that the most common cause for tooth loss in the nation is a periodontal disease? If you have dealt with tooth loss, decay or a breakage, restorative procedures can help. So, what exactly can be done to revitalize your smile? The following are some of the various types of dental restoration your mouth could benefit from:

1. Bridges- This procedure fills the space with a porcelain tooth when there are gaps between teeth. Dental experts affix the bridges to crowns to hold them in place. This helps to anchor your teeth and keeps your surrounding teeth from shifting because of the gap.

2. Crowns or caps- Sometimes used to hold bridges in place, crowns also protect the integrity of the teeth and improve the overall look of decaying teeth by acting as a composite cover.

3. Dentures- This option replaces missing teeth and is attached to metal to secure in place. There are options available for partial dentures to replace missing teeth or complete dentures to replace all teeth. Dentures are removable and need regular cleaning.

4. Fillings- Dental experts use materials like composite resin (plastic or ceramic) to fill in holes in teeth. They help strengthen your teeth and ensure food particles don’t burrow inside the gaps and break down teeth even further.

5. Implants- Tooth roots allow the mouth to retain its natural shape. Implants are metal posts that replace missing teeth and fuse to the jaw bone. A replacement tooth is added to the metal posts to complete the procedure.

6. Veneers- Veneers made of porcelain or composite are bonded to chipped, or cracked teeth to improve overall appearance.

How to Prepare for Restorative Treatment

It’s important to know what procedure you are receiving. Speak to your trusted dental expert to determine what your next steps will be. Some procedures are done in one visit while others take multiple appointments.

We’ll Get You Great Results!

When you receive a smile restoration from our Masterpiece Smiles team of dental experts, your confidence will soar! Let us help you achieve the smile you deserve, contact us today by visiting our site.

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