• Joan

  • I started working for Dr. Frith in 1984 as a dental assistant. Over the years, I have come to know him very well as my dentist and my boss. I think very highly of his genuine care and compassion for his patients, including me, and his expertise in dentistry. When I was in the dental chair, he always gave me, his patient, his undivided time and attention. 

    I wore braces as a teenager but because I did not wear my retainers, my teeth started crowding and moving forward. I also had a tongue thrust and TMJ problems, which was painful at times. I was self-conscious of my profile because my front teeth protruded forward. So, when my family and I moved back to St. Louis, we all decided to see Dr. Frith for orthodontics. I wore clear braces, which straightened my teeth, brought them back and placed my jaw in the correct position. After braces, Dr. Frith balanced my bite (equilibration) so now I have a stable, comfortable bite. Also, I had all my silver fillings changed to white fillings and then I bleached my teeth. 

    I am extremely happy with my white, full smile and I get compliments all the time.

    I am very pleased to be working with Dr. Frith and our team because we are all dedicated to providing the best dental care and to be attentive to our patient’s concerns and well-being.

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