• Renee

  • About five years ago, I had decided that I wanted to improve my smile and since I wasn’t happy with my dentist at that time, began researching other dentists in the area, specifically dentists with strong cosmetic experience. In addition to wanting to whiten my teeth, I wanted to explore a more permanent option for two bonded teeth that were starting to look gray, and to have some old silver fillings replaced with the newer white fillings. At the time that I met Dr. Frith and his team, I didn’t feel confident about my smile, so I tended to restrict smiling widely so that the silver fillings along the sides of my mouth wouldn’t be visible.

    From the moment that I walked into Dr. Frith’s practice, I was completely comfortable and at ease with his skills and experience. He is very caring and genuine, so his approach instills immediate confidence. His work is technically precise and amazingly beautiful! Because of his attitude and leadership, his team is always consistent and absolutely the best! They always make you feel like family, as if you are the most important patient in the practice.

    Dr. Frith initially whitened my teeth and replaced the most visible silver fillings. I was so pleased with the results that I followed Dr. Frith’s recommendations and replaced the bonded teeth with pure porcelain veneers and ultimately replaced the less visible silver fillings too. Now I feel completely confident with my smile and I enjoy the added bonus of many positive compliments on my beautiful natural smile.

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