Quick Guide to Professional Teeth Whitening

Having a stain-free smile can improve your oral health, enhance your appearance, and make you look younger. Our teeth become discolored for multiple reasons, such as poor dental hygiene, aging, consuming food and beverages that stain the teeth, or using tobacco. With professional teeth whitening, you can restore the natural whiteness of your teeth. As a dental practice in Ellisville, we know our patient’s dental concerns and want to provide them with this guide to professional teeth whitening. 

Understanding professional teeth whitening:

Professional teeth whitening is a great option if you’re looking for a way to whiten your teeth in Ellisville. This process uses bleaching agents to effectively remove stains and discoloration from the surface of your teeth. Unlike over-the-counter whitening products, professional teeth whitening in Ellisville uses a higher concentration of bleaching agents, which leads to more noticeable and longer-lasting results. It’s important to note that our experienced dentist should always carry out this procedure in a controlled environment.

 Professional teeth whitening procedure:

  • Initial Assessment

Our dentist examines your teeth and oral health to determine if you are a good candidate for teeth whitening. They will also check for any dental issues affecting the bleaching process. 

  • Cleaning

Our dental professional will thoroughly clean your teeth to remove plaque, tartar, or debris. This step ensures that the bleaching agents penetrate the teeth evenly for optimal results. 

  • Protection

The dentist applies a protective gel or a shield around the teeth to protect the gums and soft tissues. This barrier prevents the bleaching agents from contacting sensitive areas and causing gum irritation. 

  • Application of Bleaching Agent

Our dentist will apply the bleaching agent to the teeth’s surface. The bleaching agents break down the  stains  and discoloration and lighten the tooth shade. 

  • Activation

A special curing light or laser activates the bleaching agent to speed up the chemical reaction and achieve desired results more quickly. 

  • Multiple Sessions

Depending on the severity of the stains and your desired level of whitening, the process may require multiple sessions. The duration of each session lasts for about half an hour to an hour. 

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening 

  • Effective Results

Professional teeth whitening provides superior and longer-lasting results compared to over-the-counter products. 

  • Customized Treatment

To achieve the desired level of whiteness, the dentist needs to understand your dental goals and customize the teeth whitening treatment accordingly. 

  • Safe and Monitored Procedure

Our dental professionals prioritize safety during teeth whitening treatment, minimizing the risk of complications. 

 Considerations before treatment 

  • Sensitivity

Teeth sensitivity is a common side effect of teeth whitening. However, our dentist can recommend desensitizing treatments or adjust the concentration of the bleaching agent to minimize discomfort.

  • Existing Dental Restorations

Teeth bleaching does not affect dental restorations such as fillings, crowns, or veneers. If you have visible restorations, you may need to consider replacing them after the bleaching process to match the new shade of your teeth. 

Post-treatment  care

  • Avoid Staining Agents

To maintain the whiteness of your teeth, avoid or limit the food and beverages that can stain your teeth, such as tea, coffee, or red wine, and avoid using tobacco products. 

  • Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Brush and floss your teeth regularly and maintain regular dental checkups and cleanings. 

  • Touch-up Treatments

Over time, teeth may naturally darken. Periodic touch-up treatments can help maintain the results of professional teeth whitening. 

If you’re looking for a trustworthy dentist for teeth whitening in Ellisville, Masterpiece Smiles is the right place for you. We provide professional and safe teeth whitening treatments to help you achieve a brighter and whiter smile. As a family dentist in Ellisville, we offer many dental services catering to your dental needs. Before starting the teeth whitening treatment, we carefully examine your oral health to customize the treatment plan that will provide optimal results while reducing potential risks. Our team of dental professionals is dedicated to providing comfortable care and treatment to help you maintain your radiant smile.