Laser Gum Recontouring


The aesthetic framing of the gum tissue is as important to the teeth as a quality frame is to an artist’s painting. Contouring, or laser gum recontouring, is a simple gum reduction but makes a tremendous difference in one’s smile by showing more white tooth structure.

Do you want to perfect your grin? Boost your confidence by investing in laser gum contouring to correct a gummy smile. Here at Masterpiece Smiles, we offer laser gum surgery in St. Louis to keep your toothsome grin at the forefront.

What is Laser Gum Recontouring

The laser gum recontouring process is advanced cosmetic dentistry at its finest. It eliminates excess gum tissue that battles for the spotlight with your pearly whites. Utilizing state-of-the-art laser technology, Masterpiece Smiles creates your perfectly shaped smile. We help you come up with a plan to accentuate your teeth’s natural beauty.

The Benefits of Laser Gum Recontouring

Why do people get this done? Why should you? Below are some of the benefits that are unique to laser gum recontouring:

• It creates a gum line that is symmetrical by design.
• The process detracts from noticeable gum redness.
• Trimming excess gums elongates the amount of tooth length showing and balances your smile.
• For some, gum recontouring can be a healthy option for teeth. It also enhances other dental procedures already done, like porcelain veneers.

How the Procedure Works at Masterpiece Smiles

Our experienced doctors evaluate your smile. Then we come up with a feasible plan customized to your individual wants and needs. After our professional staff applies anesthesia, the dentist uses a laser energy tool to recontour and reshape your gums to the measured plans decided upon by you and the cosmetic dentist. We keep your goal for a beautiful smile in sight at all times!

Post-Procedure Care

Laser gum recontouring corrects your smile without interfering with your day-to-day life. After surgery, most people can be back to work the next day, but every mouth is unique. The healing process can take a few days to weeks. At Masterpiece Smiles, we want to make sure your newly contoured gums stay healthy by encouraging good after-surgery habits. Here is what we advise you do in the days following your procedure:

• Hold off on the spicy entrees after surgery. Any foods that have small seeds can also irritate your sensitive gums.
• Be sure to brush your teeth carefully. Our dental professionals give you the special directions you need to avoid damaging your fresh smile.
• For gum pain or irritation, our staff will advise you on the types of pain-relieving prescriptions to take after surgery.

Your gums don’t have to attract the wrong kind of attention. We improve your smile so your confidence shines as bright as your grin. Contact us today and let us rid your teeth of a gum takeover!

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