Power Bleaching


The trend these days is towards a whiter, brighter smile. With today’s technologies, we are no longer forced to live with stained, yellowed or discolored teeth. There are different ways to whiten your teeth, but one of the most effective and fastest ways to a whiter smile is by power bleaching.

Power bleaching can be done several ways but the general process is the same. An ‘in office’ procedure that uses a stronger bleaching solution is used to alter or bleach the color of the teeth. The bleaching solution we use is much stronger than the ones available in whitening toothpaste – at approximately one percent hydrogen peroxide, or over the counter tooth whitening kits – at around 10-16 percent hydrogen peroxide. The bleaching solution used in power bleaching through our dental office is between 30-35 percent hydrogen peroxide, resulting in faster, whiter smile and cleaner, brighter teeth. Let’s look at the different ways that power bleaching can be achieved:

Power Whitening Combined with Take-Home Trays

This is another option and will yield better results than power teeth whitening alone. The dentist will first take an impression of your teeth and from that make a custom tray so that you can seal off your teeth from your gums while using the peroxide solution. You will wear the tray at night for approximately two weeks prior to your dental visit, or two weeks after. You will receive the in-office treatment with the hydrogen solution in addition to using the tray and results may be far greater than the standard five or six shades whiter that you will see from power teeth whitening alone.

Power Bleaching without a Tray

It is possible to achieve power bleaching without the use of a tray. Your dentist can apply a hydrogen peroxide gel in the office with a higher concentration of peroxide. The effects of the gel will work even after you leave the office, one to three days longer. You may require more than one visit, but results can eventually be attained.

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